US Federal Budget Visualized - Your Tax Dollars at Work
The US government is the biggest client in the world. It spends more money than anyone else..
When Politicians talk big numbers, often they themselves have no clue what they are talking about - Obama's $4 Billion Corporate Jet Tax Loophole & the automatic $1.2 Trillion over 10 years ($120 Billion / year) budget cuts are 2x examples.
This infographic series is meant to give you a new perspective on the size of U.S. Federal Government. You will learn that when it comes to U.S. Govt', the big numbers like $4 Billion or even '$120 Billion over 10 years', are NOT that big. Source - $100 - One Hundred Dollars
One Hundred Dollars
$100 - Most counterfeited money denomination in the world.
Keeps the world moving.
Ten Thousand Dollars
$10,000 - Enough for a great vacation or to buy a used car.
Approximately one year of work for the average human on earth. - $10,000 - Ten Thousand Dollars
One Million Dollars
$1,000,000 - Not as big of a pile as you thought, huh?
Still, this is 92 years of work for the average human on earth.
US Government burns through $1 Million every ~8 seconds. - $1,000,000 - One Million Dollars

One Hundred Million Dollars
$100,000,000 - Plenty to go around for everyone.
$100M Fits nicely on an ISO / Military standard sized pallet.

The couch is made from $46.7 million of crispy $100 bills. - $100,000,000 - One Hundred Million Dollars

$100 Million buys +500x homes @ U.S. average price of $190,000.

To have a better understanding of the scale of US Federal budget, lets put it in relative terms & see how many average homes $100 million buys.
Average US home price is $190,000 as of July, 2012. The $100 million dollar pallet by the house will buy more than 500 homes in America. - $100 Million buys +500x homes

$100 Million buys +500x homes

500 homes is the size of a small town. If you look carefully, next to the garage you can see $100 million pallet that would make this possible. - $100 Million buys +500x homes

$100 Million Dollars = 1 year of work for 3500 average Americans
It takes 3500 Americans 1 year of work to make $100 Million dollars. The 155 million Americans who worked with earnings in 2005 on average made $28,567 / year.

In front of the 3500 people is the $100 Million pallet that they all have to work for 1 year to earn.
Look carefully to see a stack of $1 Million and the 35 average Americans required to earn that $1 Million in 1 year.
 - $100,000,000 - One Hundred Million Dollars - 100 Million

One Billion Dollars
$1,000,000,000 - You will need some help when robbing the bank.
Interesting fact: $1 million dollars weighs 10kg exactly.
You are looking at 10 tons of money on those pallets.
The US Federal Government spends $1 Billion in roughly ~2.5 hours. - $1,000,000,000 - One Billion Dollars
Adminstrative - Budget Breakdown
General Services   $14.7 Billion
Executive & Legislative
  $19 Billion
US Budget - Administrative - $33.6 Billion

US Government Administrative costs are classified as "General Government" spending. The list of sub-categories of administrative costs is very long. This is the cost of bureaucracy. See the entire list @
Interesting fact: According to's data, US IRS spends $500 million on tax collection in Puerto Rico yearly. For a country of 3.7 million people that's $135 per citizen. Every citizen is not a tax-payer. In US only 36% of citizens are income tax payers. If IRS spent $135 per citizen to collect tax in US, it would cost IRS $42.4 billion to collect Income tax. But this is for someone else to investigate..

We gave the bureaucrats 2x giant conference desks and plenty of filing cabinets so they can 'file away' some of that 'paper work' that's laying around. - US Budget - Administrative - $33.6 Billion

Protection - Budget Breakdown
Police Services   $32.1 Billion
Law Courts   $21.6 Billion
Prisons   $8.3 Billion
US Budget - Protection - $62 Billion

US Government Protection costs are legal expenses,
including money to enforce laws, run courts and prisons.

$1 Million would buy 33 Dodge Charger Hemi V8 police cars.
The 'tiny $1 Million' is right next to the $100 Million pallet (bottom left). - US Budget - Protection - $62 Billion

Transportation - Budget Breakdown
Ground Transportation   $65.3 Billion
Air Transportation   $25.9 Billion
Water Transportation   $10.5 Billion
Other Transportation   $0.8 Billion
US Budget - Transportation - $102.6 Billion

US Government Transportation costs fund government grants, federal aid for highways, disaster assistance, aviation security, retired pay.
A significant chunk of the money goes to 'operating expenses'. - US Budget - Transportation - $102.6 Billion

Education - Budget Breakdown
Kindergarden through
High School
  $87.8 Billion
Other Education   $52.1 Billion
Higher Education (Tertiary)   $13.2 Billion
US Budget - Education - $153.1 Billion

About half of US Government Education money goes to fund Elementary and secondary education.
$20.1 Billion go to "Accelerating Achievement and Ensuring Equity" - as stated.
$30.5 Billion go to the "American Jobs Act".
$5.4 Billion go to the "State Fiscal Stabilization Act"

There many other large budget item, see the full list here. - US Budget - Education - $153.1 Billion

Other Spending - Budget Breakdown
Economic Affairs   $37.8 Billion
Community Development   $31.7 Billion
General Economic,
Commercial and Labour
  $26.9 Billion
Agriculture, Forestry,
Fishing and Hunting
  $26.1 Billion
Basic Research   $17.1 Billion
Housing Development   $16.2 Billion
Fuel & Energy   $15.4 Billion
Protection of biodiversity
and landscape
  $11.9 Billion
Water Supply   $10.9 Billion
Pollution Abatement   $9.5 Billion
Recreational and
sporting services
  $3.6 Billion
US Budget - 'Other Spending' - $199.6 Billion

This is a whole bunch of random US Federal Government expenditures that don't fit in any other category.

See the full list here. - US Budget - 'Other Spending' - $199.6 Billion

Interest - Budget Breakdown
Interest Paid   $450.3 Billion
Interest Received   -$225.6 Billion
TOTAL INTEREST   $224.8 Billion
US Budget - Interest - $224.8 Billion

US Government in 2012 will spend about $450.3 Billion on interest on treasury debt securities (Government IOU's). It also receives $225.6 Billion in interest for its investments, leaving the Government with a balance of $224.8 billion to pay out.

It seemed appropriate to put the money on
trucks, since its getting shipped out of
tax-payers pockets to whoever
bought the public's debt. - US Budget - Interest - $224.8 Billion

Welfare - Budget Breakdown
Social Exclusions   $161.6 Billion
Food Stamps   $113.5 Billion
Unemployment   $109.0 Billion
Housing   $59.6 Billion
Workers Compensation   $8.3 Billion
US Budget - Welfare - $451.9 Billion

US Government spends a significant portion of its budget on welfare. Obama has been dubbed the "food stamp president" since a record number of people are now on Food Stamps. Welfare programs and food stamps are necessary for the government in order to suppress social unrest during hard economic times.

The "Social Exclusions" are other welfare programs, including tax credits,
assistance to families, refugees, energy assistance, supplemental security, etc.
Full list is found here. - US Budget - Welfare - $451.9 Billion

Pensions - Budget Breakdown
Social Security   $778.6 Billion
Federal Employee Retirement & Disability   $41.1 Billion
US Budget - Pensions - $819.7 Billion

US Government will spend $819.7 Billion on pensions. It is a huge part of the US Federal Budget and growing at an astonishing pace. Baby boomers, who are born in the 1950's & 1960's are set to retire soon and the government has no clear budget solution in sight to fix the hole in Social Security.

A lot of old people are already fearing that the Government will not be able to provide for them, even though they paid in to the fund through out their lives, the Government has been siphoning on the Social Security Fund to fill the deficit in the budget. - US Budget - Pensions - $819.7 Billion

Health Care - Budget Breakdown
Medical Service (Seniors)   $484.5 Billion
Welfare (Vendor Payments)   $323.9 Billion
R&D Health   $33.0 Billion
Public Health Services   $4.7 Billion
US Budget - Health Care - $846.1 Billion

US Government is subsidizing the Health Care industry heavily. A large chunk of the money goes to prescription pills.
The "Welfare" section consists of $255.3 Billion for grants to states for MediciAid, and "smaller" amounts for employee health benefits, children health insurance, CDC, substance abuse services, Department of Defense retiree health care, and many others. - US Budget - Health Care - $846.1 Billion

Defense - Budget Breakdown
Military Defense (Attack)   $716.3 Billion
Veterans   $129.6 Billion
Foreign Economic Aid   $43.8 Billion
Foreign Military Aid   $12.5 Billion
US Budget - Defense - $819.7 Billion

Consisting of the largest chunk of the US Federal Government budget, for most Republicans and Democrats in office, the Defense budget is off the table.
The F35's in the background; are just under $200 Million dollars a piece - over 1000x private homes @ US average home price of $190,000.
$10 Billion will buy you 50x F35's and you would become the most advanced Air Force in the world, next to United States.
During the 2000's, the word Defense and Attack became interchangeable, just like War/Peace & Black/White-- If you are confused, read the book 1984. - US Budget - Defense - $819.7 Billion

US Budget - Total Spending - $3,795.6 Billion

The public servants in Washington are responsible to manage huge sums of the American people's hard earned tax dollars, and also the money they get by borrowing, including from the Federal Reserve, who bought a MASSIVE 61% of US debt that was issued in 2011.
If the US Budget's responsibility would be divided equally between by each member of Congress and the President, each public servant would be responsible for $7.08 Billion. This gives them same responsibility as someone who's managing a wealthy Billionaire's money. - US Budget - Total Spending - $3,795.6 Billion

US Budget - Total Spending - $3,795.6 Billion - v2

A more cohesive and objective way to look at United States of America's Federal Government Budget.
Everyone must see this, send this to your friends and your Congress men and women.
Source: US Federal Budget

Budget Breakdown
Defense (Attack)   $902.2 Billion
Health Care   $846.1 Billion
Pensions   $819.7 Billion
Welfare   $451.9 Billion
Interest   $224.8 Billion
Other Spending   $199.6 Billion
Education   $153.1 Billion
Transport   $102.6 Billion
Protection   $62.0 Billion
General Government   $33.6 Billion - US Budget - Total Spending - $3,795.6 Billion

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