A New Perspective on Cost of War
United States, Britain and the UN-Member nations all went into Afghanistan and Iraq to help save the world. This is how much it cost them to "Ensure safety for the World".
One Hundred Dollars
$100 - Most counterfeited money denomination in the world.
Keeps the world moving.
Ten Thousand Dollars
$10,000 - Enough for a great vacation or to buy a used car.
Approximately one year of work for the average human on earth.

One Million Dollars
$1,000,000 - Not as big of a pile as you thought, huh?
Still, this is 92 years of work for the average human on earth.
€1 Million Euro
One Hundred Million Dollars
$100,000,000 - Plenty to go around for everyone.
Fits nicely on an ISO / Military standard sized pallet.
€100 Million Euro

$100 Million Dollars = 1 year of work for 3500 average Americans
Here are 2000 people standing shoulder to shoulder, looking for a job.
The Federal Reserve's mandate is to maintain price stability and low unemployment.
The Federal Reserve prints money based on the assumption that increasing money supply will boost jobs.
 - $100,000,000 - One Hundred Million Dollars

Dead American Soldier
Dead British Soldier
Dead Coalition
2 Billion Dollars & Caskets
A military truck with $2 Billion dollars and fallen soldiers of countries that participated in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars since 2001.

Iraq Deaths

139 Deaths
Afghanistan Deaths

594 Deaths
UN Countries' Deaths
Deaths of soldiers from countries that are members of the United Nations and participated in the Iraq & Afghanistan wars.

This includes soldiers from Australia (2 deaths), Azerbaijan (1), Bulgaria (13), Czech Republic (1), Denmark (7), El Salvador (5), Estonia (2), Fiji (1), Georgia (5), Hungary (1), Italy (33), Kazakhstan (1), Latvia (3), Netherlands (2), Poland (23), Romania (3), Slovakia (4), South Korea (1), Spain (11), Thailand (2), Ukraine (18), Canada (158).
The monetary cost has not been calculated. $2 billion truck is for comparison.

"If the United Nations once admits that international disputes can be settled by using force, then we will have destroyed the foundation of the organization and our best hope of establishing a world order."
- Dwight D. Eisenhower (WWII General & President of USA)

British Deaths & War Costs
Deaths of soldiers from the United Kingdom & money spent on war.

"If the human race wishes to have a prolonged and indefinite period of material prosperity, they have only got to behave in a peaceful and helpful way toward one another." - Winston Churchill

As of June, 2010 UK estimates £18 Billion ($31.5B USD) has been spent on wars in Afghanistan & Iraq. The trucks show the money UK spent on wars in Iraq & Afghanistan. Source: The Telegraph
Afghanistan Deaths

397 Deaths
Iraq Deaths -179 Deaths

USA's Deaths & War Costs

With more then 5x the size of military power of all world's countries combined,
USA has no problem showing off its military power.

The trucks show the Iraq & Afghanistan war budget in fiscal year 2012.
The total bill of Iraq war is estimated around $4 Trillion USD ($4 million millions dollars).

US Government has authorized 1.38 Trillion USD through 2012 for War Budget for Iraq & Afghanistan.

The real cost of war is much higher, with ~2.6 Trillion estimated additional expenses, including health care for wounded, etc. That is illustrated by the 2x $1.3 Trillion dollars towers.
There are a also 14342 wounded soldiers, but the wheel-chairs are not shown.
The deaths of Iraq & Afghanistan civilians & militns is a 6-digit figure. Those are not shown.
Note the full-size American Football field on the right & the small truck on the right by cash tower.
Another interesting War infographic submitted by a reader: War & Peace

Deaths 4484 Soldiers
2012 Cost $10.1 Billion USD
Total Cost $807.4 Billion USD
Deaths 1893 Soldiers
2012 Cost $111.1 Billion USD
Total Cost $570.9 Billion USD

Post War Cost
2x $1.3 Trillion USD towers.
This is post-war costs
estimated by economists.

Iraq War Cost   Afghanistan War Cost

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